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Welcome to Calahonda Villas

Calahonda is a tourist town on the Costa del Sol, Andalucia. Calahonda has become extremely popular with British and German tourists over the years and there are many villas and apartments bought as holiday homes here.

Calahonda was developed in the 1960ís as a tourist resort. Today its popularity continues to grow and offers visitors a range of amenities to make their stay more comfortable. There is a huge range of restaurants, cafes and bars here as well as the typical stores for the basics that every good town should have.

There has been a significant attempt to protect the natural environment around Calahonda; meaning visitors are free to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Calahonda is also a centre for Golf. Many of the visitors here come for the plethora of Golf courses that surround the town and the local area; Calahonda is in an ideal location to take advantage of the surrounding area.

Calahonda has a sheltered beach with soft white sand. Fishermen still use the beach and can be seen bringing in their catch each day for the local restaurants. Being small, the beach relatively quiet, perfect for a relaxing sunbathe or dip in the sea.

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